Financial Planning for Senior Living

Now, the price is right.

Enjoy the freedom of owning your home? Prefer the flexibility of a lease? Want to try it before you buy it? We offer three senior housing options — Resident Memberships — that allow you to customize how you want to live. It’s how we enable smart senior financial planning, where you can choose the size home that fits your lifestyle, the financial arrangement that benefits you most, and the senior care options you prefer to pay for.

“Here, we could modify our villa to our taste. We enlarged our kitchen, including a gas cooktop, which other venues won’t allow, and added a gas grill just off the deck, which we use year-round.”

— Jim and Joan, residents

Founding Membership: Own

As a founding member, you have equity ownership of your home and are able to resell it. You have the freedom to customize the interior of your apartment or villa. You’ll pay a monthly fee that includes all community services and amenities, and a dining allowance. You’ll enjoy the tax advantages of homeownership and resale options to recoup your investment. Founding members are cooperative shareholders with voting rights in community governance.

Signature Membership: Lease

As a signature member, you’ll rent an apartment or villa on an annually renewing lease. There’s no large upfront investment. You’ll pay a low, one-time fee, along with a monthly fee that includes all community services and amenities, and a dining allowance.

Charter Membership: Lease/Bundle

As a charter member, you’ll lease an apartment home in the brand-new Elizabeth building. You can customize the interior of your home, paying a one-time investment and a lower monthly fee for up to two occupants. Charter members can choose bundled or unbundled access to community services and amenities, ranging from full access to pay-as-you-go options.

Enjoy the option to own, rent, or something in between. You’ll have flexibility to pay for services, amenities, and levels of senior living care according to your preferences. Our three senior living membership levels make it easy and affordable to live at Atlantic Shores —find out which one could be right for you.