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Enjoy the Retirement Lifestyle Before you Retire

senior couple dining in community resturant

If your motivation is to continue working in your golden years, it doesn’t mean you have to wait to enjoy the perks of a maintenance-free retirement lifestyle. You can move to a senior living community in Virginia Beach before leaving the workforce. Senior couples might also consider this option if one partner is retired and the other is still working. Why wait to begin enjoying the lifestyle you’ve earned?

Whether you’re semi-retired, not ready to retire, or never planning to retire — you’ll find some compelling reasons to start living a retirement lifestyle at a community like Atlantic Shores while you’re still working. You don’t have to be retired to enjoy these benefits of a senior living community:

A Maintenance-free Lifestyle

Moving to a senior living community in Virginia Beach lifts the burden of home maintenance and repairs from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your job without worrying about stressors at home.
A professional team of housekeepers, groundskeepers, and maintenance staff are dedicated to keeping your home and its surroundings safe and beautiful. When you get home from work, you can spend your time off doing things that bring you joy.

Upscale Living

Picture yourself starting and ending each day in a beautiful villa or spacious, well-appointed apartment home with a host of upscale senior living amenities to enjoy as you wish. With scenic walking trails, a state-of-the-art fitness center, award-winning restaurants, and leisure activities like pickleball and tennis, your days off work will feel like a vacation.

No Need to Cook!

Just imagine coming home from work and enjoying a chef-prepared meal with fresh and delicious ingredients — all without lifting a finger to prepare the meal or clean up the kitchen. There’s no need to shop for groceries and cook your own meals (unless you want to, of course). With casual and fine dining options at Atlantic Shores, you’ll have the freedom to relax and enjoy the food and the good company at Atlantic Shores.

A Vibrant Social Life

Maintaining a healthy social life can be a challenge when you spend most of your time at work and in your private home. When you’re part of a senior living community, opportunities to build and maintain friendships are part of everyday life. You’ll find yourself naturally immersed in the community and meeting new people as you go about your daily routine. And if your partner is retired, a community setting provides the perfect setting for both of you to thrive and stay socially active.

Renewed Focus on Wellness

Who has time for wellness? You do! When you move to a wellness-focused community like Atlantic Shores, we support you in making healthy choices every day. You’ll enjoy a comprehensive wellness program and on-site fitness center with a variety of exercise classes for every fitness level. In addition, you’ll have access to exceptional primary care and urgent care in our 24/7 wellness clinic, a time-saving option when you need routine health care.

A Contingency Plan for Long-Term Care

You may be perfectly healthy now, but you never know when an illness, injury, or decline in mobility could affect your ability to live independently in your home. Having access to a full continuum of care within a retirement community in Virginia Beach provides peace of mind now and in the future. If you or your spouse needs long-term health care, you won’t have to make another move, and you’ll be close to people you already know.

One Predictable Monthly Fee

Instead of pouring more money into your home to pay for property taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs, you could secure your future in a community with everything you need for a fulfilling lifestyle. Say goodbye to the stack of bills in your mailbox every month and pay one predictable monthly fee that covers everything at a retirement community like Atlantic Shores.

Start Planning Your Future

Ready to learn more about the financial planning options you have at Atlantic Shores? Come visit our community in Virginia Beach and experience the all-inclusive lifestyle that’s waiting for you here. Schedule your personal tour today, and you’ll see why it makes so much sense to move now and start enjoying the lifestyle you’ve earned at Atlantic Shores.