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4 Decorating Ideas for Senior Apartments Virginia Beach

senior couple hanging up a picture

Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Whether you’re a minimalist who craves clean lines and functional furnishings or a maximalist with a love of colors, patterns and accessories, decorating your senior living apartment is a chance to explore — and celebrate — your personal style. For some, moving into a senior living apartment may also mean adjusting to a smaller space, even if you choose one of Atlantic Shore’s spacious villas.  Although a rightsized space can give you the comforts of home without the upkeep, it can also require that you think differently about how you’ll use — and decorate — your new home. Here are some decorating tips for making the most of your small(er) space.

Be Selective

Moving to a smaller space will necessarily require paring down your possessions. If you’re a fan of organizing expert Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” you’ll already know how to bring to your new home the belongings that spark joy. There are practical considerations to keep in mind as well, such as whether or not all the items you want to keep will fit in your new space. Atlantic Shores Floor Plan Fit Calculator can help you determine your best floor plan options and how much room you’ll have to work with.

Go Big

You don’t necessarily have to scale down your décor to fit a smaller home. Create an inviting space by using a large painting as a focal point and arranging your furniture around it. Hang a big wall mirror to give a smaller space an airy lightness. Choose a large area rug to make a room feel more spacious. If you have collections of objects, grouping them together can make a visual impact that’s dramatic without feeling cluttered. With Atlantic Shores’ Founding Membership or Charter Membership options, you can customize your space to accommodate your style — add built-in shelving to accommodate collections or expand the room you expect to spend the most time in.

Pick Your Palette

No need to be shy about color in small spaces. Add splashes of color with accent pillows, throw blankets and art. If you’re soothed by understated neutral tones, keep the room interesting by adding texture with woods, ceramics, velvet or sheepskin. Or if you thrive on bright colors, narrow your color palette to keep from overwhelming your senses.

Save Space

In a small space, it can be important to make more out of less. Multipurpose furniture is one solution. The right ottoman, for example, can be used as a footrest, a storage chest or a coffee table. A daybed can be a couch or a guest bed. A coffee table with drawers can keep clutter out of sight. Shelves and picture ledges allow you to take advantage of vertical space. Even nooks and crannies can be put to good use with the right corner cabinet. Keep in mind, the amenities and services at Atlantic Shores mean you don’t have to find room for everything in your own home. With chef-prepared meals in multiple dining venues, you don’t have to bring all your cooking paraphernalia — unless you want to! Guest suites are available so there’s room for overnight visitors. And an arts and crafts studio and woodworking shop give you plenty of room for creative hobbies.

Right Sized and Right for You

Living in a smaller living space doesn’t mean living a smaller life. Atlantic Shores is located in Virginia Beach on a 100-acre wooded campus along Lake Redwing. Here, active older adults enjoy the benefits of a friendly senior living neighborhood in a serene, natural setting and all the attractions of a resort town — shopping, entertainment, culture, beaches. With our broad selection of independent living floor plans, you’ll find the right fit for your retirement lifestyle. Contact us to find out more.