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Declutter and Downsize to a Senior Apartment

senior couple moving boxes

Why Downsizing to an Apartment Makes Sense

Planning a move to a senior apartment is a big job, but it can also be a fun one if you approach it with good humor (and plenty of time). It’s a great excuse to cut back on clutter and a terrific step toward the retirement you’ve been imagining.

For an adult in the early years of retirement, downsizing makes practical sense for numerous reasons. A smaller space means less to take care of, it’s a chance to relinquish responsibility for maintenance and upkeep, and moving can be financially advantageous if you’re carrying a heavy mortgage.

There’s also an allure to choosing a location purely because you want to live in an area, not because it’s convenient for work or in the best school district. That’s especially true if you have your eye on a retirement destination like Virginia Beach. A community such as Atlantic Shores puts you close to all the action, while offering a wide range of spacious independent living apartment homes, including one-bedroom floor plans ideal for those seeking a more enriching and rewarding retirement.

Pro Tips for Downsizing to a Senior Apartment

Get started on a plan to make the most of your move to a senior apartment with these downsizing tips:

Get a handle on clutter. Everyone has spaces within their home that get filled with extra stuff they don’t even notice. Start by tidying your home so you have a clean slate to work from. Some people find it most productive to declutter room by room, while others prefer to sort by category, such as clothing or linens. As you consider what to do with each item, think about its role in your new home. Before deciding to keep something, affirm that it makes you happy or serves an important purpose, and know where you’ll put it in your senior apartment. Remember that condensing an entire house takes time; don’t rush yourself and enjoy the process of sorting through all those memories.

Use your floor plan as a guide. Your new living space will feel most inviting if you keep it open and airy. That means avoiding the temptation to bring every piece of furniture you own, scaling back on all the gadgets and gizmos in the kitchen, and finally parting with the guest towels you got for Christmas 20 years ago. Looking at your floor plan, go room by room and decide what major pieces will go into each space. You can assign smaller items, too; remember to plan for storage so you can put everything away in its place.

Get creative to maximize space. Smaller spaces sometimes require a little ingenuity. Look for ways to convert what seems like wasted space into an area you can enjoy. A good floor lamp, a cozy chair and a bookshelf transform a dim corner into a cozy reading nook. Also consider how you can repurpose your existing furniture. For example, a dresser with sentimental value makes for a terrific TV stand in the living room, with lots of extra drawers that add storage space. In closets, pantries and cabinets, use storage containers liberally to help contain loose items and keep those areas functional.

Keep your eye on the prize. It’s easy to get engrossed in all the details of the downsizing process, but remember why you’re making the move in the first place. Once your movers are gone, give yourself permission to leave some of the unpacking for later and start integrating yourself into the community. New residents at Atlantic Shores can count on scheduled programs and activities virtually every day of the month. That makes it easy to make plans to attend several events so you can start getting to know people and the lifestyle right away.

Downsize to Bigger Opportunities

Moving to a senior living community may mean downsizing your living space, but it’s a chance to upsize your lifestyle.  At Atlantic Shores, you’ll discover a warm sense of community where everything you need for an active, engaged and fulfilling lifestyle lies just outside your front door.  Situated on 100 acres of waterfront, the retirement community in Virginia Beach is a haven for those who enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like bird-watching and watching their dogs frolic along the shore of Lake Redwing.

Contact our team to arrange a visit and determine which of our inviting floor plans suits you best.