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Geb Goes to the Super Bowl

Hi Everyone — here is a fun fact to know about the Super Bowl… some of our puppies will be there! How proud we can all be. Enjoy the game and don’t forget Eli Manning is the spokesperson for the Geb Golf Tournament. Gina, Maybe next time Joanie and Athena will go?

The GEB/ATF canines at the Super Bowl this year are:

Inky – GEB – raised by Kathy Marolda Rhode Island region (now ECT)

Ithaca – GEB – raised by Ann Thibodeau NNY region

Hope – GEB – raised by Tiffany Palmer Leatherstocking and Kathy Finnerty Finger Lakes

Haiku – GEB – raised by Carolyn Kanigowski Leatherstocking region

Peggy – GEB – raised by Allison Browne Eastern CCT region