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Have Fun & Save: Senior Discounts in Virginia Beach

Senior couple dining out

Are you a senior looking to make the most out of your retirement years?

Or you’re getting close to retirement age and want to start scoping out your options.

Well, you’re in luck – Virginia Beach is a fantastic place to enjoy your golden years while also saving money!

Living on a fixed income in retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun or trying new things. In fact, your golden years are the perfect time to take advantage of all the great senior discounts and money-saving opportunities.

Because as a retiree, you’ve earned some perks!

At Atlantic Shores, we want to help our residents maximize their retirement budgets. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to saving money as a senior around Virginia Beach.

From special discounts on dining, entertainment, travel, and more, you can enjoy what this charming coastal city has to offer without breaking the bank.

Here’s how.

Take Advantage of Dining Discounts

One of life’s great pleasures is enjoying a delicious meal out with friends or family. But enjoying a nice meal out shouldn’t break the bank, which is why many Virginia Beach restaurants offer senior discounts.

Popular spots like Baker’s Crust, Rockafellers, and Citrus offer 10-15% off for seniors over 55 or 60. Be sure to ask about senior discounts when you’re at the host stand or ordering rather than when the bill has already arrived for the best experience!

Some additional spots with great senior deals include:

Additionally, mall food courts like Pembroke Mall and Lynnhaven Mall provide reduced pricing for seniors.

Pro Tip: Remember to check for senior discounts at your favorite fast-food joints and cafes. Every little bit saved adds up!

Museums, Theaters, & More Entertainment Discounts

Virginia Beach is home to a thriving arts and cultural scene. It’s one of the many reasons we love this area and community.

Many local museums and theaters offer discounted tickets to seniors, allowing you to experience thought-provoking exhibits and performances without breaking the bank.

A few examples include:

You can also find senior discounts on tickets to local plays, concerts, festivals, and other events. Check community calendars and ask about special rates when you find anything that piques your interest.

With all these savings on cultural attractions, your days will be full of enrichment and entertainment!

Shopping Savings

The savings don’t stop with dining and entertainment. There are plenty of everyday discounts on essential services that can really add up over time.

Are you looking to update your wardrobe or pick up some new gadgets? Virginia Beach shopping centers offer plenty of senior discounts on apparel, accessories, electronics, and more.

Major retailers like Ross Dress for Less provide senior discounts that help stretch your dollar and give you more opportunities to purchase items you need and want, making your shopping on a budget a breeze!

Here are some examples of major retailers who offer senior discounts:

  • Kohl’s: Gives 15% off every Wednesday to shoppers aged 60+.
  • Michaels: 10% off the entire purchase every day for seniors 55+.
  • Goodwill: 10% discount every Tuesday for shoppers 55 and older.
  • Walgreens: 20% off every Tuesday for Balance Rewards members over age 60.
  • Dollar Tree: 10% senior discount at participating locations (call ahead to check).
  • Banana Republic: 10% off for shoppers 50+ on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • Bass Pro Shops: 5% off for shoppers 55+.

And don’t forget to check with smaller local businesses and boutiques to see if they offer senior discounts, too. Shopping locally is both affordable and rewarding because you’re directly supporting the amazing community that you are a part of.

Travel Savings

While Virginia Beach offers seemingly endless discount options for food, entertainment, and fun, discounts stretch further than this one single zip code.

From hotels to transportation, your retirement travel plans could be even cheaper because of the many different discount options available.

Here are some great travel-related, money-saving tips:

  • Book hotels with senior rates and discounts. Ask when booking to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Look for discounted tickets to attractions like aquariums and museums.
  • Take advantage of senior fares on Amtrak and Greyhound to explore more of the world.
  • Look into how State Parks and the National Parks offer special discounts and rates for seniors.
  • Rent cars from companies like Avis that offer discounts for older renters.
  • Fly standby for reduced last-minute fares on airlines like Southwest.

Your world does not have to become smaller once you retire with savings like these!

Get The Inside Scoop

Now that you know some of the great senior discounts available, how do you find even more?

Here are a few tips:

  • Ask Around – Talk to other seniors about deals they’ve discovered. Word of mouth is so valuable.
  • Check Online – Search “Virginia Beach senior discounts” to uncover new options.
  • Call Ahead – Don’t be shy about asking any restaurant, store, or venue if they offer a senior rate.
  • Look for Signs – Watch for posted senior discounts when you’re out shopping or dining.
  • Join a Club – Sign up for a local senior center or program that provides discounts.
  • Use a Discount App – Download apps like Seniors BlueBook to find deals near you.

Don’t let a retirement budget stop you from enjoying all that Virginia Beach and the world have to offer! With a bit of planning, you can have fun and save big through senior discounts.

Enjoy Your Golden Years Without Breaking The Bank

Your golden years offer a chance to have fun and finally enjoy life at a pace that is right for you.

With all the great senior discounts available, you can make the most of retirement in Virginia Beach without breaking the bank. So take advantage of these savings on dining, entertainment, travel, and everyday expenses. Get out and explore this vibrant coastal community while sticking to your budget, and don’t be afraid to ask about a senior discount – you never know what special deals you might uncover!

If you’re looking for an engaging, coastal retirement community, consider Atlantic Shores. We offer vibrant living, endless activities, and a welcoming neighborhood to call home. Learn more!