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Health Benefits of Retiring Near Water

Scenic lake within senior community

Age Well: What are the Health Benefits of Living by Water?

From relaxing nights on the shore to fun-filled days in the sun, it’s hard to imagine a better retirement community than one near the water. However, a community near a beach or lake does a lot more than provide endless entertainment, it also has plenty of health benefits.

So if you’ve been curious about where to take your retirement, read these five surprising reasons you should consider a waterfront senior living community in Virginia Beach, like Atlantic Shores.

  • Find true relaxation

Spending time near water can give your mental health a serious boost. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which slows your thoughts down and helps you reach a genuine state of relaxation, also called a “blue mind.” Being near water, especially a beach, is a soothing sensory experience. The sound of water muffles external noise and quiets your thoughts, the touch of warm sand on your feet fills you with joy, and gazing at dazzling bodies of water evokes feelings of calmness.

If you want to stay in the zone while you’re on the beach, experts recommend temporarily turning off the notifications on your phone and focusing on your senses.

  • Get better sleep with the perfect soundtrack

Exposure to too much noise, like traffic and noisy neighbors, while you’re sleeping leads to poor sleep quality, and may cause long-term and short-term health issues, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased use of sleep medications

When you live at our retirement community on the shores of Lake Redwing, you’re surrounded by the soundtrack of nature. The sound of water lapping from our beautiful lakes and a gentle breeze rustling through 100 wooded acres filled with more than 300 species of plants and flowers is the perfect way to fall asleep.

  • Feel the benefits of negative ions

Negative ions are molecules floating in the air and atmosphere that have been charged with electricity, and they exist everywhere in nature. You’ll especially experience them , wherever there’s water crashing into itself, like a waterfall, waves or rainstorm. Research has shown negative ions can increase oxygen flow to your brain, which leads to more energy. They can also have several benefits for your mental health, such as:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety levels
  • Regulating sleep patterns
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Reduced symptoms of depression
  • Increased immune system function

It only takes a small amount of crashing water to produce negative ions. Simply lounging by Lake Redwing at Atlantic Shores or sitting by a fountain is enough to start feeling the effects.

  • Find fun ways to stay physically active

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking or canoeing are great ways for older adults to stay active, improve their balance and increase their strength, while also being able to spend quality time outdoors with their friends. They’re low-impact, whole-body workouts that are gentle on your joints, and ideal for older adults who want a quick and easy way to improve their fitness routine.

At Atlantic Shores, we schedule professional guest instructors to teach our residents how to safely participate in water activities like kayaking and canoeing, so they can feel extra confident when they’re out on the water.

If you don’t have your sea legs,  doing yoga, walking or riding your bike on the beach is another way to improve your strength and balance, because your hips and legs get an extra workout from having to power through sand.

  • Share your passion and maintain a healthy social life

Young or old, two legs or four paws, almost everyone likes to spend time by the water. Maintaining a healthy social life is essential for an incredible retirement, and has several positive impacts on your physical and mental health like fewer feelings of stress and anxiety, decreased symptoms of depression, lower blood pressure  and increased self-confidence.

At Atlantic Shores we have several programs and activities that make it easy to share your passion for being near the water, while also creating lasting friendships.

Look at a just a few ways our residents enjoy our waterfront retirement community in Virginia:

  • Bird watching on the dock at Lake Redwing
  • Catered lakeside events
  • Elegant excursions
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Pet-friendly outings

On days when the weather just isn’t cooperating, you can still enjoy the water by taking a dip in our indoor pool or signing up for a water aerobics class.

Sail Away with Atlantic Shores and Discover Your Dream Retirement

Ready for the incredible benefits of retirement by the water? Atlantic Shores is a simple 10-minute drive from breathtaking beaches and is nestled on the shores of Lake Redwing, which means our residents get the best of both worlds, plus all the perks of premier senior living in Virginia Beach. To learn more about our beautiful independent living apartments or villas, schedule a personal visit to speak to one of our senior living experts. We can’t wait to meet you!