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Joanie Transitions to Norfolk

Welcoming a Puppy at Atlantic Shores Retirement Community Virginia Beach


We are happy to welcome another puppy, Athena, to Linda’s home. Athena is actually the SISTER of Akron being raised by Jocey. How neat to have siblings! Our region is very excited that Linda has agreed to raise this little girl for us. As said in the beginning we like the exposure Atlantic Shores senior living community has right there on grounds and how nice that Linda took advantage of it all with Joanie.


Joanie will start her transition in Norfolk and when the time is right she will move to her next home which will again provide more opportunities to socialize and learn from a variety of experiences. Many thanks to Linda for giving Joanie a wonderful start, part of the “Puppy Love Program”, to her pre-training to become a puppy in her chosen career. We are confident Athena will have the same fun and exposure.