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Mike and Linda’s Decision to Move to Atlantic Shores

For Mike and Linda, living for NOW led them to Atlantic Shores. Born and raised in Indiana, they moved after retirement to be closer to their younger daughter in Virginia Beach. After having moved twelve times, they decided their last move would be to a retirement community in the area.

Active Senior Living at Atlantic Shores

An active, on-the-go couple, they wanted to make this important life decision NOW, at a time in their lives when they were both physically and mentally able to do so, and not leave it to be a burden on their children. For them, “Life is an adventure, often too short and always too unpredictable to live it any other way. We love to travel, see new sights, explore new places, get to know different cultures and people, and we never stop in our quest to learn. We believe we are setting good examples for our children and grandchildren.”

From their first visit to Atlantic Shores, Mike and Linda were impressed by its location, amenities, and how nicely the facilities are laid out on a beautifully landscaped campus. “Most other retirement communities we looked into were like living in a hotel building. With its combination of villas and mid-rise apartment buildings on 100 acres, Atlantic Shores has much more of a sense of community. We felt as if it would be easy to make this our home, and it would permit us to continue our off-campus life while still having that feeling of home.”

The apartment they chose met their needs for size and scale without making them feel “as if we were living in a hotel. Although our grandsons think we do live in a luxury hotel with a swimming pool, restaurants, room service, and a game room!”

Their active life at Atlantic Shores NOW gives them the flexibility to do the things they want, when they want to do them. “We’re not burdened with the care and maintenance of a home, and that opens the door for more travel. The myriad of activities provided at Atlantic Shores also gives us outlets to stay in shape and stimulate our mental health.”

Now that they are Atlantic Shores residents, they’re also feeling the ease of being a part of the community. “But that means much more than just living here. We both take part in several different committees, and Linda has volunteered to be the alternate representative on the Residents’ Council for our building, and also serves as the facilitator for a new Atlantic Shores Book club.”

Their new friends, friendly staff, and excellent dining experience facilities ”all come together to make living here a wonderful experience, and a perfect retirement choice for us.”