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New Tech for a Better Life!

Our active residents are texting friends on their smart phones, posting photos on social media, talking with their grandkids on FaceTime, and binge-watching series on their streaming services. At Atlantic Shores, we’re providing them with wireless technologies that not only support their  entertainment and social connectedness, but also advance medical, security and location-based services to add to their quality of life.

We’re proud that these initiatives are co-driven by our Resident Technology Committee. One of many involved groups in our self-governed community, this committee serves as a “tech think tank,” refining the functionality and direction of our technology platforms by providing suggestions and strategies. They also post educational YouTube videos, and work one-on-one with fellow residents to maximize all forms of technology — to explore our neighborhood, and the world.

We continue to expand our technology initiative called ASpire. In its final state, ASpire will provide a campus-wide Wi-Fi and cellular service enabling residents, employees and guests to connect to wireless internet, indoors or out, anywhere within our community.

Have you heard? We’ve also installed a Hearing Loop system, which delivers a broadcast quality signal customized for each of our resident as they enjoy movies, speakers, live concerts, and classes, as well as a RogerTouchscreen microphone/Roger MyLink receiver system, which allows residents dining together at the same table to converse and hear each other distinct from background noise in the rest of the room.

Our Resident Technology Committee is busy rolling out plans for 2019, which include purchasing new hardware such as computers, tablets and printers across campus, and installing additional electronic bulletin boards. Stay tuned!