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Shed Those Pounds

The holidays are over, but the after-effects of all those sweet treats remain!

At Atlantic Shores, we’re encouraging our residents and staff to kick off the number one New Year’s resolution to lose weight in some new and fun ways!

This month we have a resolution tree in the fitness area. Our residents are challenged to write their fitness goals down and stick them on the tree as a daily reminder of what they want to accomplish.

We’ll also be rolling out a new fitness competition for our residents in February that will challenge them to not only attend classes, but to bring a friend with them. Points will be earned for attending any of our amazing fitness classes and bringing a friend (or two!) along. At the end of the month, special prizes will be awarded.  

Our Resident Services staff has jumped on the bandwagon as well – recently wrapping up a  special six-week weight loss competition. Each staff member paid ten dollars to join, and weighed in once a week. If they lost weight, they paid nothing but if they gained, they had to pay that weight as a dollar amount. All together they lost close to 45 pounds!

For 2019, we’re adding and revamping our popular classes. We now offer three different types of water fitness classes: energy in motion; range of motion; and balance and control. This allows residents of all fitness levels to be able to attend a pool class. One of our land classes that has really taken off is our Core and More class. This class primarily focuses on strengthening core muscles, but is complemented with balance and modified plyometric exercises.

And every month this year, we will have a specific “fitness focus” (hydration, muscle growth, and more) which will be paired with coordinated challenges and contests.

See you in the gym!