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Spotlighting the Season’s Freshest

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the stars of Chef Kyle’s culinary creations, enjoyed by our residents dining experience every day.

Through his training and travels, Kyle learned that you can prepare food healthily and nutritiously and still have it taste delicious. He enjoys using in-season products that also help support local farmers. He shares with our culinary staff that ‘less, is more’ — let the food speak for itself instead of covering it up with multiple ingredients.

A delicious example is his Grilled Peach Blueberry Salsa. Quick and easy to make, this pop of flavor works well with chicken, or even as a dip with chips. Chef Kyle’s favorite is to put it on top of baked brie and spread it on fresh, hot artisan bread.

Try it for yourself! Grilling the peaches takes this salsa to the next level. If you don’t have time to grill the peaches, it is still delectable. So kick back and enjoy the fresh tastes of the end of summer.

Atlantic Shores Grilled Peach Blueberry Salsa


Fresh Blueberries                           –  2 cups

Fresh Peaches – diced                     – 1 cup

Extra Virgin Olive Oil                       –  2 TBSP

Lime Juice                                      – 2 TBSP

Shallots – fine diced                        – 1 TBSP

Serrano Pepper – seeded, fine diced  – 4

Cayenne pepper                              –  ½ tsp

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt                  – To taste


Once grilled, let the peaches cool, then small dice. Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Cover the bowl and put in the fridge. Let the salsa rest for at least 30 minutes.  This salsa can be made the night before.