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Things are wild at Atlantic Shores…

…and that’s the way we like it!

Our residents and staff live in harmony with nature on our 100-acre campus – which has proven to be a safe haven and best place to live if you’re a squirrel, otter, fox, deer, or even a wayward Arctic seabird washed inland by a hurricane.

Situated one mile from the ocean, and with it’s waterfront location on Red Wing Lake, surrounding woods, and extensive lawns and gardens, Atlantic Shores is also a natural bird habitat, attracting everything from ducks and geese to songbirds and birds of prey. Ospreys are a common sight, as are a local flock of eight bald eagles, which conduct raptor training with their young over the lake.

Our community also has many residents who are active bird watchers, including resident Jeanie Drescher, a degreed biologist and ornithologist, who became fascinated with the wildlife she could see from her Atlantic Shores villa overlooking a small lake. Also a noted wildlife photographer, wild species such as the Great Egret and the Great Blue Heron come close enough for her to photograph from her deck.

Residents create shelter for their featured friends by building Bluebird, Purple Martin and Wood Duck houses in the community’s woodshop. Staff helps set up the birdhouses around the campus, with everyone in the community eagerly awaiting the hatchlings each year.

Special Butterfly Bushes and select flowers are planted throughout the neighborhood to attract both birds and bees, and spot clover treatments are timed to reduce impact on Honey Bees.

The community’s Victory Garden also benefits from the bees. Started as a small plot in 1998, the garden has bloomed into a fertile way to satisfy the urge to get into nature, and bond with fellow gardeners. And while wildlife is encouraged elsewhere on the campus, a resin alligator stands guard to keep crows from nibbling the tomatoes!