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Understanding the Costs of Living at Atlantic Shores

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What is the Cost of Living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

When it comes to retirement planning, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to live. Choosing a senior living community, sometimes known as a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), can offer a variety of advantages that lead to an enriched life and healthy retirement.

So how much does senior living cost, and what’s included? Get the answers to your questions from our experts, and find out what sets Atlantic Shores apart from other senior living communities in Virginia Beach, VA.

What Is the Cost and Value of Senior Living?

The cost of senior living varies by geographic location, housing options and the services and amenities offered. Independent living in a continuing care retirement community typically requires a one-time upfront cost to join the community, and a monthly fee after that.

You’ll find incredible value in senior living communities like Atlantic Shores. Take a look at what your monthly fee and upfront cost covers:

    • Maintenance-free lifestyle in an apartment or villa. Say goodbye to chores and yard work, and hello to housekeeping, groundskeeping and a maintenance staff dedicated to keeping your home and surroundings in top condition. Atlantic Shores also has a variety of floor plans that range from charming studio apartments to spacious two-bedroom villas.
    • Exceptional dining. The time for fad diets is long gone. You can maximize a healthy lifestyle, while also enjoying the finer things with nutritious and beyond delicious dining options. Our community has three beautiful settings to choose from and our culinary team delights in finding ways to meet our residents’ specific dietary requests.
    • Programs and activities. There is something for everyone at communities like Atlantic Shores. Relax with a cocktail at Happy Hour , flex your literary skills in a book club or writer’s group, work up a sweat in Pilates, refine your art history knowledge on a museum tour, and more, with programs and activities tailored to match your interests.
    • Easy ways to stay active. From exploring peaceful walking paths to a fully equipped fitness center and heated pools, it’s easy to stay active at a senior living community like ours. At Atlantic Shores, we provide pickleball courts, which is a fun way to get great exercise and spend time with your neighbors.
    • Wellness clinic. We can’t speak for other retirement communities, but convenient access to high-quality health services is one of our top priorities at Atlantic Shores. Our is staffed with licensed health care professionals who can serve as your primary care providers. That means you can fill your prescription, order lab work, receive vaccinations, and more from one easy-to-reach location in our main clubhouse area.
    • Access to a continuum of care. As a CCRC (continuing care retirement community) in Virgina, Beach, VA, Atlantic Shores offers top-rated senior living options that include assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, all in one place, if you should ever need it. We offer an all-inclusive plan that gives you access to long-term senior care and protects you and your family from the rising costs of health care. That means you can age with confidence, knowing you won’t have to move to another community because of a health change.

Find Flexible Ways to Pay for Senior Living at Atlantic Shores

At Atlantic Shores, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the cost of senior living. That’s why we offer financial flexibility with three Resident Membership options. Whether you want to rent a hassle-free senior apartment that’s ideal to leave behind while you’re on vacation or want to continue your passion for homeownership with a completely customized villa, there’s a place for you at our senior living community in Virginia Beach, VA.

Check out our Cost Calculator, and see how living at home compares to the value of retiring at Atlantic Shores!

Read about our three resident membership options and find out which one is right for you:

      1. Signature Membership. The Signature Membership is our senior leasing option for an apartment or villa at Atlantic Shores. Your lease is renewed annually and includes no large upfront costs. Instead, residents pay a small, one-time community fee and a monthly fee that covers your senior apartment, all community services and amenities, and a dining allowance.The Signature Membership is ideal for seniors who want flexibility or to try Atlantic Shores before becoming a founding member.
      2. Charter Membership. This membership is perfect for seniors who want to completely customize their retirement. The Charter Membership is exclusively offered to residents who desire to live in our brand-new Elizabeth Building. The one-time fee is slightly larger than the Signature Membership fee, but the monthly fee is significantly lower, and there’s no second-person fee for couples. You can also modify your residence to match your specific needs.Charter Members can choose bundled or unbundled (á la carte) access to community services and amenities ranging from full access to pay-as-you-go options.
      3. Founding Membership. The Founding Membership option is ideal for seniors who are passionate about homeownership, but want to indulge in everything a continuing care retirement community offers.As a Founding Member, you purchase your apartment or villa, have equity ownership of your home and can resell it. You’ll pay a monthly fee that includes all community services and amenities and a dining allowance. Plus, you can enjoy the tax advantages of homeownership and are able to completely customize the interior of your villa or apartment.This membership has the lowest monthly fee and allows you to become a cooperative shareholder with voting rights in community governance, including the ability to be elected to the Board of Directors.To enhance the financial flexibility of our Founding Membership, we offer three additional repurchase options for individuals who want to own their apartments or villas at Atlantic Shores, but want to deal with the resale process later down the road.

The Experts at Atlantic Shores Senior Living Community Are Here to Help

Atlantic Shores is the region’s only senior living community in Virginia Beach offering the freedom of equity ownership and a choice of rental options. To learn more about our gorgeous independent living apartments and villas and available financial plans at Atlantic Shores, schedule a personal visit to speak to one of our senior living expert or give us a call at 757-716-3000.