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Our Senior Living Community Is Vaccinated Against COVID-19

healthcare worker holding up a COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines are now available to older adults in every state. We’re thrilled to say that even though demand is high and availability limited, more than 750 team members and residents at Atlantic Shores have been vaccinated, bringing excitement and hope as we go forward.

On January 4, the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was administered to more than 250 of our health service residents and team members. They received their second doses on January 25. And on January 28, nearly 500 independent living residents got their first COVID-19 vaccine dose. They received their second doses on February 25. Each vaccine recipient is monitored by staff to be sure there are no immediate side effects.

Being able to take this important step in combating the virus has made a lot of people happy here.

“I’m grateful beyond measure for all the staff who made it possible to receive our vaccines today,” said resident Janice M. “The procedures you had in place made it so easy for us.”

Resident Annie A. added, “Hooray for vaccine day! The organization was perfection. The giving of the vaccine was smooth and no pain, no after-effects. Thanks for making it a day worthwhile.”

Because getting vaccinated is, indeed, cause for celebration, the Atlantic Shores team has made the process fun. As vaccinators made their way around the campus administering doses outside of resident apartments, they were accompanied by music and snacks for a party-like atmosphere. And not surprisingly, residents cheered them on in the hallways.

About the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Not every state is distributing the vaccine in the same way. The definition of an “older adult,” for example, varies by location. Some states are vaccinating those age 65 and older, while other states are vaccinating 70 and older, 75 and older, or 80 and older. In a handful of states, age distribution varies by county.

Virginia adapted its distribution plan from federal recommendations to

  • Decrease COVID-19 deaths and serious disease
  • Preserve functioning of society
  • Reduce the extra burden COVID-19 is having on people already facing disparities

Virginia is currently in phases 1a and 1b of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates there are 21 million health care workers and 3 million residents in congregate  community settings such as assisted living and skilled nursing facilities who should be vaccinated. The federal government is working with CVS and Walgreens to get COVID-19 vaccines into long-term care facilities at no cost to residents and staff.

What Now?

As of February 10, 2021, nearly 10 million people in the U.S. have received their second dose. About 12% are residents or staff at long-term care facilities, according to the CDC.

But as excited as we all are here to be included in that number, we’re still following the recommended protocols and safety guidelines.

Hope is on the horizon,” said Cameron Gwaltney, Director of Marketing and Sales. “We’re looking to get through our vaccines and continue to comply with state and local guidelines. We’re celebrating as a community. We’ve been in this together, and we’re so grateful that so many of our residents and team members made the decision to be vaccinated.”

The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines, plus continued physical distancing measures, mask wearing, and adapted services will help us protect each other and our loved ones – and get back to hugging grandchildren as soon as we safely can.

For more information about COVID updates and our community, please visit our community news page or give us a call today at (757) 716-2000 we’re here for you.