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We Love Our Staff Family!

Throughout the year, our staff team goes out of their way to make life special for our residents, not only as they do their jobs, but on a personal level as well. That caring spirit is part of what makes living at Atlantic Shores so special.
As gratuities and gifts to staff are not allowed, our residents each year express their gratitude with a special Employee Appreciation Fund — a special way to give back to those who care for them. The tradition began in the early days of our community, with contents of storage closets sold to raise funds, along with donations from residents, and white elephant and clothing sales events. A special resident committee oversees fundraising each year.
Today, resident donations are supplemented with a variety of fundraisers, including spring and holiday bazaars, where donated costume jewelry and accessories are offered, proceeds from Bingo, and sales of resident-authored cookbooks, chocolate-covered strawberries and other treats. A monthly 50/50 raffle, and annual silent auction also add to the fund, which one year totaled a record $242,000. 
All full-time and part-time employees and Atlantic Shores management team members receive a check, apportioned according to their salaries. Award checks are personally distributed to the staff at an annual Employee Appreciation Breakfast. At this special celebration, residents swap places and wait on their regular servers, complete with lots of joking around!
As this year’s Employee Appreciation Fund Committee Chairperson Carolyn Landry shares, “while our residents certainly contribute greatly to Atlantic Shores’ reputation of warm friendliness and support, our employees are also a big part of that extended warmth and friendliness. We are blessed with some of the kindest personnel that we’ve ever known. Our entire staff team is amazing and deserves all the recognition we can give them, and to give back to them is our pleasure!”