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Working at Atlantic Shores: Student Employee Testimonials

Student with a retirement home resident

The Heart and Soul of Atlantic Shores: Our Student Employees

At Atlantic Shores, we believe in the power of community and the value of every individual, regardless of age or background. Our community isn’t just a place for vibrant senior living; it’s also a place where young folks can find their footing, grow, and make an impact in their community.

In this blog, we’d like to introduce you to some extraordinary individuals who play a vital role in the daily life of Atlantic Shores. They are our student employees, and their contribution goes far beyond their day-to-day tasks. We recently interviewed a few of them to learn more about their experiences, growth, and unique perspectives through their employment here at Atlantic Shores.

In a world where people of different generations often lead separate lives, Atlantic Shores bridges the generational gap, creating an enriching environment for both our residents and the young talents who join us. Our student employees are essential members of our community, contributing their energy, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives to our team and our residents, and we believe their stories deserve the spotlight.

Emma Hudgins: A Passion for Connection

As a senior at Salem High School, Emma Hudgins is no stranger to the friendly faces at Atlantic Shores. In her own words, “It’s so fun to work here. I’ve asked to pick up extra shifts because the people we work with are amazing.” Emma describes her experience at Atlantic Shores as one that not only improves her communication skills but also touches the lives of our residents.

Emphasizing the significance of the connection she’s built with the residents, Emma shares, “Having that relationship with the residents is rewarding because they tell you when I’m doing a good job, which helps me in many ways.”

Her plans for the future? Continuing to be a part of our Atlantic Shores family! “I plan on staying throughout my senior year and picking up more hours next summer.”

Katie Hudgins: A Compassionate Environment

Katie Hudgins, a freshman at James Madison University majoring in Hospitality, believes that the people at Atlantic Shores make all the difference. “What makes Atlantic Shores great is the staff,” says Katie. She appreciates the compassionate environment that the community offers and cherishes the camaraderie she’s found here.

According to Katie, the Atlantic Shores experience goes beyond the workplace. “We get birthday cards as recognition and edible arrangements during tough times personally. Other places don’t show that type of compassion, making it a good environment to work in. It’s definitely an employee-positive workplace, and I’m grateful for that.”

Jordan Brimo: Patience and Understanding

Jordan Brimo, a recent graduate of Landstown High School, embodies the spirit of growth and learning. He transitioned from fast food to Atlantic Shores, where he’s found the experience to be incredibly meaningful.

Jordan appreciates the simplicity of connecting with our residents. “You might think that you can’t relate to seniors, but the residents are easy to talk to and joke with, The residents are not ‘old’ people to me, they are normal people with interesting pasts and life experiences.” he notes. The job has made him more patient and understanding, and he’s gained valuable insights into residents’ habits and preferences.

His thoughts on working at Atlantic Shores? “Whenever you can work, and it doesn’t feel like work, that makes the day more enjoyable.”

Parker Sancilio: Bridging the Generational Gap

Parker Sancilio, a sophomore at Norfolk Academy, comes from a family with a deep connection to senior living. He joined Atlantic Shores based on his mother’s suggestion and his family’s experiences. “My mom worked in senior living when she was my age and suggested I apply here. My grandfather also was a resident here, and one of my neighbors recently moved in.”

On top of that, Parker has deep ties to Atlantic Shores, which shows in his work ethic. He’s received a lot of positive experiences and feedback not only from his team but from the residents, as well. “The residents are really nice. The team works together to reset and get things done.” He starts. “I view the residents differently now because I thought it would be more difficult to connect when talking to them, but it’s actually pretty easy. They like to get to know you and give life advice. They are really funny too.”

For Parker, the experience has been enriching in unexpected ways. “I’d recommend Atlantic Shores to other students because it’s a pretty good job, and it’s a good environment to work in. I’ve learned a lot.”

Nurturing Growth, Building Community

The stories of our student employees are not just anecdotes; they are a testament to the vibrant, supportive community we’ve cultivated here at Atlantic Shores with our team and our residents. It’s a place where young people find purpose and seniors discover companionship in unexpected places.

Through the interviews we’ve shared, you’ve had the privilege of meeting some of these remarkable young individuals. They are more than employees; they’re part of our extended Atlantic Shores family. The support and mentorship they receive go beyond their job descriptions, leading to personal and professional growth that will stay with them throughout their lives.

It’s a win-win relationship. Our student employees gain valuable experiences, people skills, and a deep understanding of the importance of human connection. Atlantic Shores benefits from their fresh perspectives, hard work, and dedication to enhancing the lives of our residents.

If you are a student or know students looking for a meaningful place of employment, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Jessie Burdette, Talent Acquisition Specialist, to learn more about student employment opportunities at Atlantic Shores!

Jessie Burdette
Phone: 757-716-3009
Email: burdettej@ascanet.com