Chef-Inspired Recipes from Atlantic Shores Retirement Community
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Get a taste of life at Atlantic Shores, the region’s only retirement destination with an award-winning culinary team. Our creative, skilled chefs are constantly crafting new recipes for our residents.

Viva La Crêpe!I think people think that crepes can be too hard to make or too time-consuming or are maybe just too intimidated by the “fanciness" of the notion of making a crepe. You think you need special equipment, a special crepe pan or stone to cook on, special spatulas and spreaders… but you don’t need any of those things! Crepes are easy and very, very versatile! All you need is a 6” non-stick pan! You are probably more familiar with sweet dessert crepes like you would see in a crepe suzette or stuffed with French cream, berries or chocolate! Today I want to explain making a savory crepe and give an idea on how to use them. We did a baby shower last week and one of the appetizers was savory stuffed crepes. They were delicious and good looking! And a savory crepe is the perfect start for such a special event! We’ll start with the batter… The below recipe will give you about 20 6’ crepes:
Don’t Fear the Bouillabaisse!Bouillabaisse can be intimidating to make at home, but I hope after reading this you will feel inspired and confident to tackle this challenge and make it. The recipes below utilize the shrimp shells by making a broth for the Bouillabaisse and the classic accompaniment, Rouille, which is stale bread or breadcrumbs that have been soaked and served with the Bouillabaisse. The bread and rouille is just as much a part of a bouillabaisse as the actual soup. It’s garlicky, creamy and perfectly complements the sweet undertones of a bouillabaisse. Again open to interpretation, you can adjust seasonings and ingredients as needed.
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